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5 ways to run a more productive accounting practice in 2024

Use this guide for 5 actionable techniques you can use to run a more productive and profitable accounting practice in 2024.

Why you want to add payroll to your practice — and three ways to get started

Here's a quick look at how adding payroll services can work for different practices.

End-of-year accounting reminders for your small business clients

Help your small business clients prepare for the year ahead with accounting reminders that set them up for success and make your job easier at tax time.

Accountant advises a small business client in office

Research shows that only 30% of small businesses work with an accounting expert. Of those that do, just 61% say they are completely satisfied with the level of service they receive. The big takeaway? There are lots of small businesses out there that could benefit from working with an accountant or bookkeeper, but they’re looking for a true partner ⁠— a financial advisor who will go beyond just keeping the books in order.


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