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Easy payroll and HR for any franchise

We know franchise owners have a lot to manage – from running day-to-day operations to paying employees. That’s why we take care of payroll, tax filings, and even help with HR.


Streamline running your business(es)

Whether you manage an entire franchise brand or are opening your first business location, OnPay gives you everything you need to keep payroll, HR, and benefits running smoothly. You can run multiple business branches from one simple dashboard, and flexible permissions let you hand off more tasks to your team. And with OnPay’s accuracy guarantee, you can relax knowing the calculations and filings are done right.


Fast, flexible payroll for every location

  •  Run payroll on any schedule – from any device
  •  Handle multiple pay rates, overtime, tips, and commissions
  •  Guaranteed accuracy for tax filings and payments — in all 50 states
  •  Pay W-2 employees and 1099 contractors by direct deposit, debit card, or check
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OnPay made setting up my account very easy and the onboarding process for new employees is similarly simple with guided steps to gather all required information, eliminating errors and discrepancies. Support is always a click away, and they are remarkably responsive.”

— Grand Valley Enterprises, LLC


We do more for your franchise

Deep software integrations

Keep the books balanced and cut down on data entry by syncing accounting and time tracking software with payroll. You’ll get a clearer picture of your franchise’s finances without lifting a finger.

Built-in HR

Stay organized and save time with a secure document vault and in-app employee self-onboarding. We also help with PTO accrual and tracking, employee self-service, and task assignment.

Flexible permissions

Get the flexibility to run payroll however you want. With six levels of permissions, you can delegate responsibilities to your team leads and choose visibility for each location.

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Powerful payroll with no hidden fees

Our pricing starts at just $40 + $6/employee per month. This means that you only pay for the number of active employees, making it a cost-effective solution for growing your franchise.

  •  Free account setup and migration included
  •  Integrate workers’ comp and benefits with payroll
  •  Employee self-service and self-onboarding
  •  Award-winning support from payroll pros
  •  Keep employment records organized across all locations


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Try the best payroll for franchises

Try OnPay out yourself to see how easy payroll and HR can be. To get started, just share a few basic details about your business. Our team of pros will set everything up and import your employees’ information for you.

Franchise Payroll FAQs

  • Who pays employees in a franchise or chain?

    Usually, it is the responsibility of the franchisee or franchise owner to pay employees and to withhold federal, state, and local taxes. There can be instances where a franchisor manages payroll (depending on franchise agreements or arrangements). If you’re unsure of your obligations, reach out to your bookkeeper, accountant, tax professional, or franchisor.

  • Can I pay myself as a franchisee or chain owner?

    Yes. You must pay yourself through a payroll system if you own an S Corporation, a C Corporation, or an LLC that chooses to be taxed as an S Corporation. OnPay works with LLCs that pay themselves annually or weekly. For any specific questions related to any of the business structures mentioned, catch up with your bookkeeper, accountant, or tax professional.

  • What is a franchise tax and do I need to pay it?

    Despite the name, a franchise tax is not a tax for starting or purchasing a franchise. It’s a tax that some states charge for the right or privilege of doing business in their state. Fees vary state-to-state, and if you are an LLC, partnership, or corporation, you may be subject to a franchise tax. States that currently have a franchise tax in place include: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. This list is subject to change, so be sure to check your state’s local requirements to be sure you’re meeting your obligations. For additional questions on franchise tax, check in with your accountant, bookkeeper, or trusted tax professional.

  • Are franchises and chains required to pay payroll taxes?

    Yes, state and federal payroll taxes must be paid on employee compensation by franchises and chains. Payroll taxes are usually calculated as a percentage of the wages a company pays to its employees.