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PTO management made easy

Our paid time off tracker will let you take a break for once. OnPay gives you everything you need to approve, manage, and track your team’s vacation and leave days with just a few clicks. It’s all built right into our payroll and HR software.


Save time with automated tracking

OnPay’s HR software gives you the power to stay organized and in control of your PTO management.

  • Build and assign custom accrual policies
  • Automate calculation of PTO accrual and balances
  • Sync time off directly with payroll
  • See everyone’s time off in our calendar


Simplify requests with employee self-service

Juggling requests via text, call, and email is a thing of the past. Employee self-service accounts help you streamline everything by letting your team submit PTO requests themselves. Requests route directly to their manager, and our mobile-friendly software makes it easy to review and approve things on the go.

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“OnPay keeps adding new HR features that make my life easier. For example, PTO requests, approvals and tracking are right in the app. It’s a streamlined process and a fantastic platform!”

— Annie E., Futurus


Bring payroll, HR, and benefits together

You’ll be able to keep employee vacations and leaves on track ⁠— and so much more. OnPay gives you everything you need to simplify paying and managing your team. With full-service payroll, built-in HR, and integrated benefits, you’ll stay organized and take great care of everyone.


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Clear pricing and powerful features

With OnPay, you’ll never have to worry about sneaky fees. We offer all the essentials starting at just $40 + $6/worker per month.

  • Speed up PTO management and approvals
  • Pay workers your way with direct deposit, debit card, or check
  • Let our experts handle the setup and data migration (for no extra cost)
  • Automated tax filings, payments, W-2s, and 1099s
  • Let employees can self-onboard and request time off


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Try the best payroll + HR for tracking PTO

Our team of pros will set everything up for you, so it’s easy to get started.

PTO management and tracking FAQs

  • What is PTO tracking software?

    PTO tracking software takes employee vacation and leave tracking out of your excel spreadsheet and makes it super easy to manage. It lets you specify how quickly different employees earn time off, and it tracks how much PTO has accrued after each pay run. Employees’ time off requests are also made within the software, where managers can approve them and days off are automatically added to a PTO calendar (so there are no surprises). Whether you have salaried employees or hourly workers, your software should complete the PTO management process by compensating employees for their time off and updating their accrued PTO.

  • How are PTO accruals calculated in OnPay?

    Once you create your accrual policy and assign it to an employee, OnPay makes things easy by automating all of the calculations. Based on each workers’ payroll history and hours worked, we’ll keep PTO accruals updated in real time. And when a worker takes time off, we’ll sync it to payroll and deduct used hours from their balance of available PTO.

  • How can an employee request time off?

    With self-service accounts, employees can manage their own time off right inside OnPay ⁠— so you have one less thing to keep track of. It’s easy for a worker to log in, see their available PTO balance, and request time off.

  • What type of paid time off policy should I offer?

    There are a number of ways you can define paid time off that you offer to employees. Some employers opt to have a single PTO policy, while others prefer to separate accrual policies for different types of time off ⁠— like standalone vacation and paid sick leave policies, plus policies for other types of paid leave. In OnPay, you have the option to customize accrual policies to fit the needs of your business. More about PTO policies.