Pediatric Physical Therapy & Services makes payroll processing “child’s play” with OnPay

In order for PPTS to continue making strides in child development, they needed to cut back on inefficient payroll and compliance issues and embrace a more streamlined solution.

With OnPay,  Pediatric Physical Therapy & Services:

Has reduced time spent on payroll to just 2 hours
each month

Manages and pays employees across multiple states at no extra cost

Automates federal and state tax filings for their 501(c)(3) 

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About Pediatric Physical Therapy & Services:

Company size: 3+ employees

Where: Morro Bay, CA

Client Industry: Healthcare | Education | Early Start | Nonprofit

Joined OnPay: March 2013


Making every home a safe haven for childhood development

In the sunny coastal town of Morro Bay, California, Julie Loe noticed there was a gap in specialized care for some of the area’s youngest residents. Many families with children aged three and under needed in-home healthcare services focused on development and education, yet there were few specialists available. As a result, kids were often going without the treatment they deserved. So in 1994, Julie decided to become the change she wished to see by establishing Pediatric Physical Therapy & Services.


Julie’s vision was simple: home healthcare should feel like home — safe and nurturing — no matter the circumstances. She also understood that, while parents cared deeply about supporting their children’s early development needs, many families face the challenge of limited budgets; PPTS made it part of their mission to offer accessible rates that were half the average cost for this type of care. This helped ease hesitation for cost-conscious parents, making services even more accessible to children in need of early intervention. 


Pediatric Physical Therapy & Services quickly took shape. As enrollment grew, their team of therapists and caregivers offered individualized assessments and support virtually, at home, and even in schools. Most importantly, their efforts were helping guide families to get their children’s development off on the right foot. The organization ultimately became a beacon of hope in the community, showing that nothing should stand in the way of a child’s potential.


Julie realized she needed help as her client base grew and that her sister, Suzan, would be the perfect fit. Adding Suzan’s backgrounds in finance, computer science, and healthcare to the mix, PPTS would be in a good position to take their next step forward. Leaving her role managing a busy hospice in 2010 to join PPTS, Suzan knew this wasn’t just another job — she would be joining a cause she believed in. 


In 2020, as the COVID pandemic was peaking, the organization became a lifeline in the Morro Bay community, continuing to serve parents, caretakers, and children with the help of Zoom’s video conferencing platform. Recognizing their impact, the state of California offered to fund their operations as a regional center, further putting them on the map. PPTS continues to expand and push for change, making the world a better place for children, one service at a time.

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Choosing a payroll provider that listens and simplifies compliance

There was a lot to juggle when Suzan joined PPTS. She was handling the books on her own and drowning in a flood of tax notices due to their previous payroll provider’s inaccurate – and sometimes forgotten – tax filings. In addition, she had to navigate a sea of paper checks, which made balancing  the books a constant puzzle. So what was the first order of business? 


She began searching for a payroll solution that would accurately file their federal and state taxes, provide reliable support, bring them up to speed with compliance requirements, and help them streamline their processes. They needed:


  • Payroll with simple pricing and the ability to pay by direct deposit
  • A straightforward system to streamline administrative duties
  • Accurate, automated tax filings and payments with each pay run


Using OnPay to eliminate payroll uncertainty (and free up more time)

While searching for payroll providers, OnPay’s straightforward pricing, unlimited monthly pay runs, and user-friendly interface caught Suzan’s eye. Once she found out both state and federal taxes were filed automatically with an accuracy guarantee, she was sold.


The platform was easy to set up, simple to use, and it gave her the flexibility to do things the way she and PPTS needed. Suzan could pay the multi-state team by direct deposit, keep track of PTO, and integrate with top accounting software like Quickbooks at no extra cost. Plus, OnPay’s customer support was there to help every step of the way. Even if minor tax-related questions came up, a quick call to speak with customer support was all it took to keep things under control.


Suzan shared, “It’s a true partnership – that works really, really well.”


“It’s a true partnership – that works really, really well.”

— Suzan A., Pediatrics Physical Therapy & Services

For nearly two decades, Suzan has helped the PPTS team make strides in their operations. She takes comfort in knowing that children in the Morro Bay community get the care they need because her sister can focus on the organization’s mission and worry less about payroll and compliance. OnPay not only helps them stay on top of potential payroll issues, but it also provides good value, making it a go-to tool in their tech stack that makes a positive impact on their business operations.


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