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Get a lot more done

We give you more of the things you need to manage a growing business.

Full-service payroll

OnPay’s payroll software is fast and does all the heavy lifting.

  • Unlimited monthly pay runs

    Run payroll as often as you like, or even choose multiple payroll schedules for different employees.

  • All tax filings and payments

    We withhold all payroll taxes (federal, state, and local) each pay run, and make your tax payments. Plus, we file Form 941 quarterly, as well as Form 940 at the end of each year.

  • W-2 and 1099 workers

    Pay W-2 employees or 1099 contractors all in the same dashboard. Plus, we’ll generate printable year-end tax forms at no extra cost.

  • Pay by direct deposit, debit card, or check

    Pay employees however they prefer. There’s no extra fee for direct deposit or debit card payments. You can even print physical checks at no additional cost.

  • Multiple pay rates + schedules

    We make it easy to set multiple pay schedules for your company, and even use different pay rates for individual employees. No extra fees for however you choose to run payroll.

  • Garnishments

    Deducting garnishments shouldn’t be a headache – it just takes two extra clicks. You can set rules or goals for when garnishments should stop, and we automatically record them in paystubs and expense reports.

  • Unemployment insurance withholding

    We withhold all your employees’ state and federal unemployment insurance payments. We also process your company’s contributions so there’s one less to-do off your list.

  • Custom + prebuilt reports

    Get all the detailed information you need with our prebuilt and custom payroll reports. Create and save custom views with our report designer, filtering by employee type, location, department, and more. All reports can be viewed in real-time, downloaded as a PDF or spreadsheet, and exported to your accounting software.

  • Key integrations

    From accounting integrations to workers’ comp, sync each pay run with top integrations to get your finances all in one place. With no integration fees, it’s easy to sync data with your tech stack. See a full list of partners below.

  • Optimized for mobile

    OnPay is always nearby wherever you happen to be. We load and process mobile payroll fast, so all you need is a mobile device and an internet connection to get the job done.

  • Multi-state payroll

    From Alabama to Alaska, there are no extra fees if you need OnPay to run payroll and handle taxes for employees in more than one state.

  • Available in all 50 states

    From accounting firms to nonprofits, OnPay can serve any type of business anywhere across the country.

  • Single sign-on

    Streamline your access to OnPay using your Google, Intuit, or Xero login, with one less password to memorize.

HR and team management features

Stay organized, save time, and get compliant with OnPay’s award-winning HR software.

  • Automated onboarding flows

    Asking new employees to onboard themselves is easy. Enter some basic information, then employees can fill out their own profile, e-sign HR documents, and have them stored online. You can also add onboarding tasks for other teammates, like setting up new employees’ computers, planning their orientation, or anything else new employees need to start their first day.

  • E-signing

    Within OnPay, any type of HR document can be uploaded and signed. Or, rely on one of our e-signable document templates to get started.

  • In-app offer letters

    Extend a warm welcome and kick off the onboarding process for new employees with a customizable offer letter.

  • In-app I-9 and W-4 forms

    Tax withholding forms for employees are built right into OnPay. New employees are asked to sign them as part of the onboarding flow and they’re automatically stored for you.

  • State new hire reporting

    When you hire new employees, we’ll report those new hires to your state as soon as they set up their OnPay accounts.

  • Custom personnel checklists

    Create and customize checklists of documents and tasks for certain events (like incident reports or annual review cycles) or specific employee types (like engineers who need a separate IP policy and security training).

  • Delegate + track non-HR tasks

    OnPay helps you manage both legal paperwork and the human side of HR. Assign an onboarding buddy, orientation training, or IT tasks as part of your checklists.

  • Built-in document templates

    Save time on back-office tasks with customizable document templates. You can also use our built-in templates, import your own docs, or find the right doc in our HR library.

  • 6 levels of permissions

    Get the flexibility to run payroll however you want. Six levels of permissions let business owners delegate responsibilities and choose who has visibility into payroll and HR.

  • Document + personnel file storage

    All documents created within OnPay, and any messages sent to employees, are automatically saved and securely stored for admins. Employees can also access their own files at any time.

  • Direct messaging

    Create a paper trail by conducting conversations within OnPay. Employees, managers, and admins can share feedback, notes, and important announcements, and it will all be saved for later.

  • Compliance audits

    Review custom personnel checklists to stay on top of compliance. If a document is outdated or a task is incomplete, admins are alerted about employees who may be out of compliance.

  • HR resource library

    Get answers and save time by accessing hundreds of HR guides and legal templates in just a few clicks.

Perfect PTO management

Simple enough for small businesses, flexible enough for big ones.

  • Custom paid time off policies

    Create paid time off policies based on multiple criteria, giving you and your team more flexibility.

  • Multiple accrual tiers

    Set up to 3 accrual tiers so employees can earn PTO at different rates depending on factors like employee type, location, or seniority.

  • Automatic accrual tracking

    Every time you run payroll, PTO hours are automatically calculated and added to each employee’s accrued totals. No calculator needed.

  • Employee app requests + approvals

    Once logged in, employees can easily request PTO within their OnPay dashboard. Managers will receive an approval request, then PTO that’s used is subtracted automatically.

  • PTO calendar + reminders

    When managers and admins log in, they will see upcoming employee PTO days on their dashboard so they can plan accordingly.

  • Email notifications

    Employee PTO requests are sent out through email to keep everyone on the same page.

Organized org charts

Let everyone know who’s who.

  • Detailed employees + contact info

    Employee profiles include each employee’s name, their title, company contact information, and where they fit into the org chart. Your employees can also add their personal contact information, a picture, and some fun facts about themselves.

  • Searchable company directory

    The company directory is created automatically and available to all employees so it’s easy to find each other and figure out the best way to reach out.

  • Visual org chart

    Available to all employees, the visual org chart is a quick way for anyone to understand the company hierarchy and figure out who reports to who. Employees can also zoom in or zoom out, viewing everyone or just the people they closely with — even if they’re in different departments.

  • Automatic org chart updates

    Any changes employees make to their profiles are automatically added for everyone in your company. You’ll never need to make tedious updates.

Top-notch benefits

Give your employees the benefits they deserve.

  • Benefits in all 50 states

    Our team of in-house experts will help you choose the right benefits plans for your organization. Premiums are deducted from payroll automatically.

  • Medical, dental, and vision plans from major providers

    Compare and choose health insurance plans from top providers like Aetna, United Healthcare, Guardian, Humana, Anthem, Sun Life, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • Integrated 401(k) retirement plans

    We’ve partnered with Vestwell and Guideline to make it easy to offer low-fee 401(k) plans with great investment options.

  • Quick employee census

    We make getting insurance quotes easy by pulling your employee census data from within OnPay, taking one more thing off your plate.

  • Add on life, vision, disability, and more

    OnPay has in-house licensed brokers to help you take care of a wide array of insurance needs, so you stay compliant and within budget.

  • Broker of record integration

    If you’re already working with a benefits provider and plan you love, it’s easy to bring your plan(s) to OnPay via our broker of record integration.

Integrated workers’ comp

Take care of employees and potential liabilities while staying compliant.

  • Fully integrated workers' comp administration

    We use your payroll data to update employment data to carriers and deduct your workers’ comp premiums automatically each time you run payroll. Less time on email, more time on your business.

  • Pay-as-you-go policies

    Pay-as-you go workers’ compensation saves businesses time and money by updating automatically whenever your employee count changes. And with our Partner NEXT Insurance, no upfront lump sum payments are required.

  • Automatic updates for team changes

    Once your policy is set up, all you have to do is run payroll. We’ll automatically deduct premiums for current employees. It’s really that easy.

Deep software integrations

OnPay integrates with your favorite software to avoid mistakes and repetitive tasks.

  • QuickBooks Online

    Sync payroll data with QuickBooks Online automatically. Our integration includes the ability to create custom item mapping and to add detailed journal entries in your general ledger.

  • QuickBooks Desktop

    Quickly sync payroll data with QuickBooks Desktop. Our integration includes the ability to create custom item mapping and to add detailed journal entries in your general ledger.

  • Xero

    Sync payroll data with Xero automatically. Our integration includes the ability to create custom item mapping and to add detailed journal entries in your general ledger.

  • QuickBooks Time

    Sync time and attendance data from QuickBooks Time to your next pay run with one click.

  • Deputy

    Add Deputy time and attendance data to your next pay run with one click.

  • When I Work

    Add When I Work time and attendance data to your next pay run with one click.

  • Mineral

    Access hundreds of document templates and HR guides.

  • PosterElite

    With PosterElite, get compliant labor law posters and automated updates whenever laws change in your jurisdiction.

Employee self-service

Save time by letting employees do more on their own.

  • Self-onboarding

    Employee self-service means workers can onboard themselves. Just enter a few details, and your employee can enter the rest of their information.

  • Lifetime accounts

    After an employee or contractor leaves your company, they’ll still be able to access pay stubs and personal tax documents without your help.

  • Pull paystubs, employment docs, and tax forms

    When employees need payroll information, you’re off the hook. They can get answers and download what they need from OnPay’s employee self-service portal.

Partner program for accountants

Expand your services with payroll, HR, and benefits that your clients want.

  • Accountant dashboard

    See all your clients in one place, quickly add new ones, and stay on top of all your payroll-related to-dos with OnPay’s accountant dashboard. We make it easy to manage your clients and upgrade the services you provide.

  • Seamless integrations

    OnPay seamlessly integrates with the tools you use most. Customizable integrations with Xero and Quickbooks ensure you have all the data and tools you need to streamline payroll and keep everything securely in sync.

  • Payroll your way

    Refer clients or run things yourself. We automate the payroll calculations and taxes to get things right for every kind of business you serve.

  • More ways to grow

    Payroll is just the start. Add more of the services clients expect by helping with integrated HR and benefits, too.

  • Partner perks

    Get access to perks that help grow your firm and boost revenue. As a Partner, you’ll get free payroll for your firm, discounts or revenue sharing, and resources for marketing your practice.

Special payroll services by industry

We get payroll right for any type of small business — at no extra cost.

  • Restaurants

    Calculate tipped wages accurately — even when employees work overtime. We also help you with minimum wage tip setup and prepare Form 8846 for you to file. Learn more about how OnPay supports restaurants.

  • Farms & agriculture

    We process separate tax filings for agricultural workers (Form 943) and your non-farm employees. We can also pay and process taxes for workers on H-2A visas. Learn more about how OnPay supports farms and agriculture.

  • Nonprofits

    We let 501(c)(3) organizations take advantage of their exemption from federal unemployment (FUTA) taxes without jumping through extra hoops. Learn more about how OnPay supports 501(c)(3) orgs.

  • Churches & clergy

    We help religious organizations get payroll right by excluding federal unemployment taxes (FUTA), Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA), and any parsonage allowances from our calculations. Learn more about how OnPay supports religious organizations.

  • 500+ employee companies

    We process your pay runs in seconds, no matter how many employees you have. You can also pay contractors, use multiple pay schedules, or search and filter employees (or reports) by role, department, or location.

Award-winning customer service

From helping to set up your account to answering questions, we’re on it.

  • Free account migration

    We make it easy to switch to OnPay. Just enter some basic company details, then we’ll add your employees’ information and any prior wages to OnPay.

  • Support for setting up integrations

    It’s simple to sync OnPay with top integrations — we offer help getting set up and even customizing your integrations, if you prefer.

  • Weekday + emergency weekend support

    Get help from a payroll expert whenever you need it. Support by phone, email, and chat are all available with extended weekday hours: 9 AM to 8 PM ET. Plus, we offer emergency weekend support via email.

  • Accuracy guarantee

    We take the accuracy of our payroll tax calculations very seriously — and our accuracy guarantee ensures we’ll always have your back.


It’s easy to
get started

Try OnPay out yourself to see how easy payroll and HR can be. To get started, just share a few basic details about your business. Our team of pros will set everything up and import your employees’ information for you.

OnPay’s payroll services

  • What do you mean by "full-service payroll"?

    To most payroll companies, full-service payroll only means paying employees, processing taxes, and making tax payments. To OnPay, it also means giving small business owners everything they need to spend less time in the back office. Sure, we handle every facet of the payroll process — most of our clients spend an hour or less on payroll each month — but we also offer integrated benefits, innovative HR, and best-in-class integrations to help you save time and avoid errors. We also offer trained experts, who actually answer the phone, if you ever need help.

  • How do other payroll providers compare to OnPay?

    Among the premium payroll providers, we provide the best value and the highest level of service. We get top ratings for our customer support, and we offer features and flexibility you can’t find anywhere else. In terms of cost comparison, our starting monthly fee of $40 + $6 per worker means you get award-winning payroll and HR services for around 50% less than other providers, who often have hidden fees.

  • How long does it take to switch to OnPay?

    Just enter some basic information, and our team will handle the rest for you within a few days. We even enter your prior wages and employee information, so it’s painless to switch any time. Whether you’re coming from ADP, Paychex, Intuit, a traditional payroll company, or a payroll startup, we make the transition easy.

  • How much does your payroll service cost?

    OnPay’s pricing starts at $40, plus $6 for each worker you pay that month. Pricing includes unlimited pay run, so you won’t pay any more if your run payroll two, four, or more times each month. You won’t have to pay additional fees for workers in more than one state, for workers who aren’t active in a given month, or for year-end W-2 and 1099 tax forms. We offer a much better value compared to other payroll providers — and we get better ratings and reviews.

  • Can we run multiple pay runs but just pay one fee?

    Yes! With OnPay you have flexibility and pay one single fee for unlimited pay runs.

  • What if I have a combination of W-2 and 1099 workers I need to pay?

    Paying your staff shouldn’t be a hassle — no matter who’s involved. Businesses are hiring a bigger mix of in-house employees and contract workers these days, so we’ll let you process all the workers you need to pay in the same pay run. We handle W-2 forms and 1099 filings at the end of the year. And if a worker goes a month without being paid through OnPay, it takes one click when running payroll and you won’t be charged for them.

  • How do my employees receive their paycheck?

    You can pay your team through direct deposit, printing paper checks, or even prepaid debit card. You are able to do what it best for your business. You can process payroll for everyone in the same pay run ⁠— even if you have a mix of payment methods.

  • Are you able to integrate with my time tracking software?

    Yes, there’s a good chance we work seamlessly with the time-tracking software your business uses. Here’s more information on the integrations we offer.

  • Does OnPay handle new hire reporting for me?

    Yes! OnPay reports new hires on your behalf to all fifty states, plus DC. New hire reporting is typically completed every Friday by the close of business.