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Media outlets and publications agree: OnPay gets top marks for setting a higher standard for small business payroll.

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“Easy to use, cloud-based payroll”

See why Forbes says: “OnPay is one of the best picks for payroll processing for small businesses. It’s an affordable option with a full feature set. It’s even a good pick for fast-growth companies because you won’t have to choose a higher-priced plan—only pay per new hire per month in addition to what you’re already paying.”


– Cassie Bottorff, Editor, Forbes Advisor


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“Fully automates all aspects of the payroll process”

“OnPay is a solid cloud-based option for small-business owners seeking a full-service payroll processing system at an affordable price point. It can run payroll according to a preset schedule, automatically disburse wages and calculate and withhold taxes and filing tax forms.”

“OnPay is one of the best payroll services, enabling managers to create comprehensive employee records and run unlimited payrolls each month.”

“With OnPay, you get access to all of the tools for the same price, and its cloud-hosted software is simple to use. Payroll can be complete in minutes, and the software’s interface is clearly labeled, making it easy to understand and learn.”

“A top-notch payroll service”

Experts say: “OnPay is optimally designed for small businesses, though the application can scale up nicely for mid-sized businesses as well.” It’s just one of the reasons that OnPay was recognized among the best payroll software for small businesses in 2022 by The Ascent, a Motley Fool service.


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5-star software and service

Thousands of small businesses count on OnPay to run payroll and simplify back office tasks. Read on for first-hand user reviews that OnPay clients have shared across software review sites.

Rated 4.8 stars out of 5 in 720 reviews

from Capterra, G2, and TrustPilot.

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Updated as of 1/9/2023

OnPay reviews from clients



“Every time I have a question, there's someone available. The entire support staff is extremely knowledgeable but when I have a question they don't immediately have an answer to, they say that & then get back to me. I can't ask for more!”

– Heather M.


“Processing varied payrolls has been a breeze, including special payments and withholdings. Ease and speed of use is key, matched by the simple fact that it works the way you hope it would work.”

– Doug S.


“OnPay uploads general ledger entries to QuickBooks, our 401(k), and easily allows employees to make their own changes and view their payroll history. It notifies them when the direct deposit has been done. So far, the support has been great.“

– Janice M.


“The usability is the best I've seen. OnPay is proof that payroll doesn't need to be stressful. They made the transition from one payroll platform to theirs easy and seamless.”

– Sara E.


“The best part about OnPay for us is not only the ease of use, but the ability to set up [payroll] so it maps to Quickbooks Online ⁠— so we don't have to make any adjustments later.”

– David P.


"The chat function at OnPay helps me get payroll right. With the crazy rules around FFCRA, OnPay was there to help me get everything sorted out before submitting payroll, avoiding costly mistakes. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly."

– Martin


“Their online platform is easy to use and navigate. I was looking for a payroll service that takes care of all of our tax filings, and OnPay provides everything I need.”

– Susan N.


“OnPay has been a huge time saver! The platform is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. I’m able to do my payroll and onboarding in minutes. We’re incredibly happy with OnPay!”

– Vanessa T.


"OnPay is simple, accurate, and cost-efficient for payroll processing and handling taxes. It saves me time and money versus doing it myself or asking my CPA or accountant to do it."

– Bill G.


“We also implemented a workers’ comp system that integrates seamlessly with OnPay. There's no annual deposit or reconciliation at the end of the year because it's all handled week by week.”

– Steve H.


"Reporting has been easy to use. I also like their price structure of a base then as you go with the number of employees you have since my business is highly part-time and seasonal."

– Denise


"I have been using OnPay since January, and it is a great alternative to bigger payroll companies. I was able to set up my 401(k) and medical deductions right through the portal. It also calculates your company 401(k) match."

– Tari M.


I'm a one-man LLC and was kind of lost when it came to payroll and taxation issues. Thank goodness I found OnPay. They're like having an in-house payroll manager. I get email reminders of when to visit the website and run my semi-month payroll. I could issue myself a check, as my agency's only employee, but OnPay conveniently makes an AHC deposit."

– Jeff D.


"The price was also reasonable with a one-month free trial and no implementation fees. I was looking for a payroll service that takes care of all of our tax filings, and OnPay provides everything I needed.""

– Susan N.


"OnPay offered us the most comprehensive package, and they've proven themselves time and again with customer service. We've had state tax issues that OnPay has navigated us through, and for every issue we've had, they've quickly replied and resolved the matter."

– Myron P.


"We searched high and low for a reasonably-priced payroll solution that would be easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and that would file all the necessary State and Federal payroll reports for us. We eventually found OnPay, and it has been excellent. We couldn't be happier with the software."

– Mary M.


"My overall experience has been excellent, and its consistently accurate and smooth functioning has given me a very high level of confidence that I have no worries about payroll issues. Processing varied payrolls has been a breeze, including special payments and withholdings."

– Doug S.


"I like that OnPay takes care of all my tax filings. I love the freedom of not worrying about them. If you have any questions, the online chat option is amazing, and they're always quick to reply."

– Dawn V.


"I have been working with OnPay for over six years now. They answer questions fast and help with any issue. They have a very knowledgeable staff and are always helping solve your issue or at least guiding you in the right direction. They are still nimble enough to make changes or customize your experience."

– Dominique F.


"The best part about OnPay for us is the ability to map items to Quickbooks Online, so we don't have to make any adjustments later. We also really like that liabilities are always balanced. We struggled with other software because there were always odd amounts of payroll liabilities hanging in the account all the time."

– David P.


Accountant-approved, too

“I will always recommend OnPay wholeheartedly — and I’m a bookkeeper who’s handled payroll for several companies using many services. OnPay is hands-down my favorite! Their reporting features are sublime. Their included HR functionality is fantastic. Everything is customizable in a variety of ways. They even have an integration with QuickBooks.”

— Heather M.


Loved by business owners in every industry


"As ranchers, our lives are Always busy and on the go. OnPay allows me to do payroll wherever I am at. I don’t have to worry if it’s done right because OnPay does it for me!"

– Melissa B., Bringhurst Cattle Company Incorporated


"As a first-time business owner with no experience in running payroll or managing employees, OnPay made everything easy. The platform is very organized and simple to use. OnPay is very responsive and quick to get in contact if you have any questions or need help."

– Karien V., Smart Scholars LLC


"I have found OnPay to be an easy-to-use, inexpensive yet highly valuable way to process payroll. I wanted a system where I could print checks in-house vs. having to pay to have them mailed to us. I love that I can run extra payrolls during the month at no additional cost."

– Renee C., Phoenix Fitness & Martial Arts


"Payroll can be customized to the way you want it to be. It's a great value, and I can run payroll anytime at no additional cost."

– Joanne, Tony Kuo, DDS, APC


"OnPay is very simple, and the customer support is very good. They make everything easier for you. The price is reasonable and definitely worth it. You don't have to worry about taxes being paid, they handle all that for you. Year-end statements are done promptly and accurately."

– Lynn T., God's Glory Non Denomination Corp


"It's very easy to use and saves me a lot of time and mistakes calculating payroll taxes, 401k and health benefits."

– Durga Y., Healthy Eyes PLLC


"It literally takes me two minutes per week to review and approve payroll. When I opened our account, customer service walked me through the steps, I felt confident enough to get the ball rolling after that."

– Sayydah G., Pastoralist Child Foundation


"With OnPay, scheduling, entry, and taxation for multiple jurisdictions are all handled automatically by the system. I just have to upload the information once, and monitoring is a snap!"

– Brent A., Templar Financial Services Inc


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FAQs about OnPay’s ratings and reviews

  • Does OnPay pay publications for “best of” rankings or awards?

    No! All of the reviews from expert publications are conducted independently, and every platform has its own evaluation criteria. All of the awards we have earned have been granted based on the assessment of independent reviewers.

  • What do companies use OnPay for?

    OnPay is a cloud-based full-service payroll app that can run payroll according to a preset schedule, automatically disburse wages, and calculate and withhold taxes and filing tax forms. And beyond that, small businesses can use OnPay to simplify onboarding, employee management, and even benefits administration.

  • Is OnPay a legitimate company?

    We’re not only legit, OnPay is a top-rated payroll software company, recently earning both a PCMag Editors’ Choice and a Forbes Advisor’s “best of 2022” recognition. We work with thousands of small businesses and accountants throughout the US.

  • How many customers does OnPay have?

    Over 10,000 businesses — and growing — work with the OnPay team across the United States. Our clients represent almost every industry you can imagine, including non-profits, dental offices, agriculture, and physicians — just to name a few.

  • Who owns OnPay payroll?

    Jesse Burgess is the founder and CEO of OnPay. He built the company on the foundation of a long-standing payroll business, pivoting the focus towards offering online payroll services. With the aim of building the best-in-class payroll app for small businesses, OnPay was born.

  • Are OnPay reviews a good source to trust when choosing a provider?

    Over 60% of businesses use online reviews to guide their decision-making before purchasing software, according to research by Gartner. It can be reassuring to know buyers with similar needs have had a good experience — so we hope these resources are helpful during your payroll software search.

  • How much does it cost to run payroll with OnPay?

    It’s a single monthly fee of $40, plus $6 per worker each for pretty much everything OnPay does. No pricing tiers, no sneaky add-ons.