Meet the OnPay Ambassadors

Our Partner Program is full of talented, experienced bookkeepers and accountants, and our Ambassadors are at the forefront. Explore their stories and how they provide exceptional payroll services to clients.

Kari Bruns

Sawtooth Financial

Hi! I’m Kari, and I LOVE helping small business owners JUST LIKE YOU. If you are just starting out or have had your own business for years, I’d love to be on your team! My focus is on using proactive tax planning strategies to help you keep more of your profits! I do all my work 100% virtually and have clients from all over the country.

Michelle Fox

HintonBurdick CPAs & Advisors

Michelle Fox leads a team of 25 accountants at a mid-size firm and oversees payroll for over 500 clients. Having prior experience successfully running her own small business, Michelle brings a personal commitment and tailored approach to every client engagement.

Ross Loveland

True Profit Salons

Ross Loveland started True Profit Salons on the belief that beauty businesses provide a tremendous amount of good to our communities and the economy. But unfortunately, far too many beauty business owners are struggling and aren’t getting the rewards they deserve for the good they do.


True Profit Salons changes the story and supports beauty entrepreneurs as they build the business of their dreams.

Sherry Nelson

Nelson Accounting

Sherry Nelson has dedicated over three decades to supporting small businesses. She loves helping entrepreneurs navigate financial complexities, optimize tax strategies, and achieve sustainable growth.

Pam Omilian

API Consulting

Pam Omilian is the founder of API Consulting, which has been in business since 2003.  Pam’s company is a full-service accounting firm that handles all matters of business for the owners she works with.  She started API Consulting doing bookkeeping out of her home and is now the proud owner of her own building in her hometown of Lake Orion.

David Perry

Latitude Bookkeeping Services

David is the founder and lead architect of Latitude Bookkeeping for Churches, a firm focused on developing financial confidence in church leaders and motivating missional giving. With a background in education, ministry, and entrepreneurship, David’s unique journey has equipped him to address the financial challenges faced by church leaders with clarity and empathy.

Patrick Ramsden


Patrick is an expert in accounting operations & technology and helping small- and mid-sized business owners succeed.  His firm, BookkeepingOps, specializes in outsourced accounting department and bookkeeping services.  Prior to BookkeepingOps, Patrick spent 25+ years working in management consulting, technology startups, and was a small business owner himself in the executive suite industry.

Tenille Rios

Peter Holtz CPA

Tenille Rios is the Director of Operations at Peter Holtz CPA, a firm known for its sustained high growth and excellence in the accounting and tax industry. Under her guidance, the firm has successfully implemented cutting-edge technology solutions and adopted a client-centered approach that has not only attracted a diverse clientele but also retained them year after year.

Manjinder Singh

Peter Holtz CPA

Manjinder Singh is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Tax Planner with over two decades of experience in the accounting industry. Currently, he serves as a Platinum Tax Advisor at Peter Holtz CPA.

Kelli Thorfinnson

Ketel Thorstenson, LLP

Unlike the “stereotypical accountant” that sits behind her desk and crunches numbers all day, Kelli Thorfinnson loves being part of teams, collaborations, and getting involved in internal developments to streamline processes for her firm. She is passionate about organizing, improving, and helping processes for her firm so that they can better serve their clients.

What they say about OnPay

“I moved all my small business clients to OnPay from many of the other well known payroll platforms because the OnPay price point and customer service is way better.”

– Kari Bruns

“Over the years I have used many payroll solutions. OnPay stands head and shoulders above the rest. The software is intuitive and the customer service is exceptional. I recommend OnPay to every single one of my clients.”

– Ross Loveland

“OnPay’s standout features in terms of usability, affordability, accuracy, scalability, and support often place it favorably among businesses seeking a reliable and user-friendly payroll solution. Their professionalism and efficiency set a high standard for what exemplary support should look like.”

– Michelle Fox

“I am incredibly grateful for the partnership we’ve built with OnPay and their team. Their reliability, expertise, and positive energy make them a valued extension of our own team. I look forward to continuing our collaboration and exploring new avenues of success together.”

– Tenille Rios

“Wonderful Program and the staff is very helpful”

– Pam Omilian

“What stands out to me most is their unwavering reliability and precision in handling payroll tasks. OnPay’s seamless service has been instrumental in supporting the growth of our accounting firm, positioning us as one of the leading firms in the Central Valley. Their Partner Program has been invaluable in providing us with the tools and support necessary to deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

– Manjinder Singh

“We selected OnPay as our preferred payroll services company more than 5 years ago after carefully reviewing the other options available.  Their price is among the most attractive in the industry, then functionality works well, and, most importantly, they’ve consistently provided great support when something’s come up or we’ve needed some assistance.”

– Patrick Ramsden

“Our firm was looking for a payroll solution to standardize processes, create efficiencies, utilize automation and assist with payroll report filings. We found OnPay and appreciated the hands on demos, ability to ask questions and help with client onboarding. It’s been a great partnership because we have a team that really knows our firm and our goals.”

– Kelli Thorfinnson

“OnPay is an affordable and robust solution for my small business clients. The support with the Partner Program is stellar. OnPay has shifted payroll from a cumbersome chore to an efficient, user-friendly process that allows businesses to focus on growth and success.”

– Sherry Nelson

“We absolutely love working with OnPay, both their payroll software and their people! Setting up payroll with OnPay is super simple and as a partner, we truly feel supported throughout the onboarding process, when we have questions along the way, and even when we receive the occasional IRS notice for our clients. OnPay is a true partner when it comes to supporting us and our clients with payroll services.”

– David Perry


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