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How Springside Bookkeeping uses OnPay to simplify payroll and support their diverse clientele

Founder Corissa Dixon knows that if you want the freedom to pursue a career in accounting, you need to find a way to reclaim your time.

With OnPay, Springside Bookkeeping LLC:

Saved over 23 days a year managing clients

Seamlessly switched clients from another payroll provider to OnPay

Streamlined payroll, HR, and benefits in one easy-to-use dashboard

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About Springside Bookkeeping LLC:

Firm size: Solo bookkeeper
Where: New Tripoli, PA
Client count: 10+
Client industries served: Agriculture | Restaurants | Small business
Joined OnPay: August 2019


The birth of a bookkeeping business

Springside Bookkeeping’s founder, Corissa Dixon, always knew she wanted more flexibility when it came to her career. The flexibility to go back to school. The flexibility to work from home. The flexibility to start a family.


But achieving that flexibility and a better work-life balance was tough to imagine working as a medical transcriber. Her responsibilities at the hospital required her to be on-site full-time, without hybrid or remote work being an option. As her family grew, she felt strongly about being more available at home, nurturing and raising her children. So she decided to work toward starting her own business.


Luckily, Corissa had already started the groundwork. Following her years studying accounting, she kept her skills sharp by working on the weekends as a bookkeeper for a local landscaping company. That preparation, plus a little lucky timing, put Corissa on track to make her dream a reality.


Right place, right time

During her Saturday shift, a delivery driver stopped by with a package for the neighborhood landscapers. Before heading back out on the road, he asked if she knew anyone who offered bookkeeping services. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Leaping at the opportunity to lend a hand, she replied, “Well, me!” Just like that, Springside Bookkeeping had its first client. Corissa’s early days as a founder consisted of managing countless receipts, manually crunching numbers, and taking client calls during childrens’ nap times.


Corissa took a leap of faith to start her business and get the flexibility she needed. And it all started with one simple question:


“Do you know anybody that does bookkeeping?”

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Getting it all done as a team of one

As Springside Bookkeeping grew, so did the inevitable administrative tasks ⁠— and the demands on Corissa’s valuable time. Manually filing payroll taxes for clients added a lot of stress to quarterly and annual payroll tax filing seasons. It took nearly three full days each quarter to handle filings for just a few clients on top of her other responsibilities.


Unsatisfied with her outdated software and manual processes, Corissa realized that she needed:

  • Time-saving payroll and tax filings
  • A way to seamlessly move clients to a new payroll provider
  • Integrations like workers’ compensation to better support clients


Using OnPay to scale services (and save time)

Corissa first discovered OnPay through a client who was raving about how easy it was to use. Testing out OnPay first with that client, Corissa realized that OnPay was the winner and had everything she and her clients needed.


Corissa shared, “It was so easy to use that it was a no-brainer and that’s when I decided to transfer everybody to OnPay. And pricing was a really big selling point. My former payroll provider was a lot more expensive and not as user-friendly.”


From automated tax filings and payments to free account setup and integrated benefits, OnPay checked everything off of Corissa’s list for a payroll service. Corissa’s switch was seamless thanks to OnPay’s dedicated Partners team, who migrated all of her clients and  helped get everything payroll-ready. Plus, OnPay’s two-way integration with QuickBooks made it easy for Corissa to customize how payroll data syncs to her general ledger so she can see all the important details ⁠— without any extra data entry.


OnPay is a game-changer! I always dreaded the quarterly and annual payroll tax filing seasons; I would spend so much time using my old software to manually prepare and file taxes. OnPay makes running payroll a breeze! They take care of all tax forms and filings throughout the year, and customer service is a phone call or email away should you need them. The revenue share is a nice incentive as well!”

— Springside Bookkeeping LLC

The rest is history. Fast forward almost 12 years since starting Springside Bookkeeping, and Corissa is sitting in her Pennsylvania home office drinking coffee as her business flourishes. Spending time with her family in the morning, and providing bookkeeping services to her clients in the afternoons, Corissa now has the flexibility she originally desired. By partnering with OnPay, Corissa no longer dreads tax filing seasons and has a payroll solution that can grow with her business and meet the expanding needs of her clients.


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