Get custom payroll reporting with our report designer

Save time and keep a closer eye on your bottom line. Our report designer lets you adapt your payroll reporting to include all the information you need to analyze labor costs and make better business decisions.

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Review reports and make updates instantly

Once you’ve run payroll, you can view and customize payroll reports right in the app. See changes as you make them, save custom views, or download them. Our reports even adapt automatically to include items that are specific to your business.


Customize everything with our designer

OnPay’s dynamic report designer lets you add or remove over 50 data points, arrange columns in any order, change date ranges, and set up filters. Custom views can also be saved for easy access by finance teams, HR, your accountant, or anyone else.

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See the details you care about most

We give you the flexibility to focus on the things that matter most to your business. Use custom fields to do things yourself, or use one of dozens of pre-built reports available in OnPay:

  • Payroll register
  • Earnings summary
  • Payroll summary
  • Employee summary
  • PPP loan forgiveness
  • And many more reports


It all starts with fast, accurate payroll + HR

Our convenient payroll app moves small businesses forward by making it easy to pay employees, automate payroll-related taxes, and streamline your HR and benefits. 98% of our clients say they would recommend us.

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Loved by small businesses

“OnPay saves countless hours of manual payroll entries and tax forms, and enables us to provide quick and easy direct deposit. The reports help us budget more effectively.”


– Tyler, Wakefield EMS


$40 + $6 per person each month

One outstanding value for everything. No hidden fees or pricing tiers.

  • Pay W-2 and 1099 workers
  • Automated, accurate tax filings and payment
  • Best-in-class payroll report designer
  • Integrated HR and benefits
  • Free setup and data migration when you switch


Try the best payroll for detailed reporting

We’ll take care of the setup so it’s easy to get started.

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FAQs about OnPay’s custom payroll reporting

  • Can I control which details are displayed in my payroll reports?

    Yes. OnPay lets you drag and drop custom data fields to add, remove, or rearrange your data from reports. That means your reports will only show the information you need. You can even save custom configurations so that reports are easy to refer back to.

  • Which payroll reports are included?

    To make reporting for payroll and HR easy, OnPay includes over 20 reports for tracking payroll and benefits-related expenses. Our report designer lets you completely customize the two most comprehensive reports: the Payroll Listing and Earnings Summary.


    We also have the following pre-set reports, most of which allow some level of filtering and other modifications: Payroll Register, Payroll Summary, Employee Summary, Location Summary, Department Summary, Position Summary, GL Summary, Accrual Listing, Workers’ Comp Listing, Workers’ Comp Summary, Retirement Listing, Retirement Summary, and Retirement Export.


    To help small businesses get governmental relief during the COVID-19 outbreak, we also offer a series reports that track expenses and potential tax credits: the PPP Report, PPP Forgiveness Report, FFCRA Leave Tracking, Employee Retention Credit Tracking, and CARES Act Social Security Deferral. And we also offer a series of reports to help you stay organized and compliant, like bank transaction reports, employee census reporting for benefits, and HR compliance audits.

  • Do I have to download a report to view it?

    No. You can see all your reports in OnPay right away, and you’ll see any changes as you make them. We also give you the option to export any pre-built or custom payroll report as a PDF, CSV, or Excel file if you choose.

  • Can I use payroll reports to analyze my business expenses by location or department?

    Yes! OnPay’s reports can be customized to summarize expenses by categories like location, department, position and any custom pay types you’ve set up. Seeing costs broken down can help you analyze and plan your budget as your business grows.

  • Can I just use the default reports if I want?

    Of course! We offer more than 30 built-in payroll reports that give many small businesses everything they need. When you decide you want a more nuanced view, it just takes a few clicks to get reports looking how you want.

  • What is a payroll listing report?

    A payroll listing shows key payroll expenses for workers over a specific date range. With this report, you can see costs broken down into narrow categories, including gross and net pay, taxes, and other deductions. We let you add (or remove) dozens of additional data points, so you can get just the view you want.

  • How much does the payroll report designer feature cost?

    It’s one low price for everything our payroll and HR software can do — including our customizable reporting features.