The Accountant’s Wordleplex

A word game that makes an accrual world a little more fun.

How to play

You have six tries to guess today’s word. Use a real five-letter word for each guess, then hit “Enter” to submit.

The tiles in each of your guesses will change color to reveal letters in the word of the day — which always relates to accountants in some way.



The letter S is in today’s word AND in the correct spot.


The letter E is in today’s word, but in a different spot.


The letter R is not in today’s word.

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OnPay's Wordleplex was inspired by the original Wordle and by Ian Lenehan who developed an open source version we used to create this game. If you want to see what our team builds, check out the top-rated payroll software for small businesses and unparalleled payroll for accountants.