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Get everyone on board fast with better HR software

OnPay’s employee onboarding software makes it easier to grow your team ⁠— plus handle payroll and HR tasks. It’s all included for one low monthly price.

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Give new employees a great first day

Invite new employees to onboard themselves and do all their paperwork before their first day. We’ll handle offer letters, W-4s, and store it all in the cloud. With lifetime self-service accounts, they can also access pay stubs and do more on their own.


Streamline your processes

Keep everything organized and save time, too. You can create custom templates for any HR document, whether it’s an offer letter, an employee handbook, or an NDA form. Then create workflows to track the completion of HR to-dos.


Delegate more to your team

Get more done together with built-in task assignments. Delegate onboarding tasks like setting up a computer or running new hire orientation, and monitor progress as they’re completed.


Take care of payroll and team management, too

Pay W-2 and 1099 workers in a few clicks and we’ll automate the tax filings and payments. Built-in HR tools and integrated benefits give you even more ways to take care of your team from day one.


Loved by small businesses

“OnPay allows me to automate offers and onboarding, and to run payroll quickly and efficiently. It is easy to use, priced well, and has a lot of functions.”

- Jose, Padilla Law PLLC


One simple monthly price

It’s just $36 + $4 per worker for payroll, HR, and onboarding. No hidden fees or pricing tiers.

  • Unlimited pay runs and schedules
  • Automated federal, state, and local taxes
  • Free setup and data migration
  • Built-in HR tools ⁠— including employee onboarding
  • Integrated benefits and compliance


Your first month's on us

Try the best payroll and HR software, with employee onboarding tools built right in.

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Employee Onboarding Software FAQs

  • What is employee onboarding?

    Onboarding is the process of meeting all the legal and logistical requirements for hiring a new employee or contractor. It includes employer responsibilities like collecting tax information for the IRS and reporting new hires to their state. It also includes best practices, like documenting the terms of the employee-employer relationship with an offer letter and an employee handbook. Finally, it can also include logistical and cultural elements, like setting up a new hire’s workstation or employee orientation. Here’s a detailed checklist.

  • Who handles required state new hire reporting?

    When you add new employees to OnPay, we take care of filing all of the required new hire paperwork with your state.

  • Can I send federal and state forms to new employees electronically?

    Yes! You can send Form I-9 and Form W-4 electronically, along with any forms required for your state. New workers can securely e-sign everything in the app.

  • Can I handle custom paperwork in the app?

    With OnPay, you can create custom documents for anything you need ⁠— from offer letters, to employee handbooks, to non-compete agreements. Smart fields make it easy to personalize and send your docs to both new and existing employees. See additional HR features.

  • How can I make sure all required paperwork is completed?

    Built-in personnel file audits make it easy to track the status of anything you’ve sent to workers. Keep tabs on deadlines and see exactly what’s on file for every employee on your team.

  • How much does employee onboarding software cost?

    With OnPay, all of our payroll and HR features ⁠— including new hire onboarding ⁠— are included for one monthly price of $36 + $4 per worker. See pricing.