Kelly Long

Kelly Long is a Senior Product Consultant at OnPay and has worked in the payroll services industry for over ten years. Prior to joining OnPay, Kelly worked at ADP, assisting clients with product onboarding and compliance with all IRS and state laws.


What’s your favorite thing about being part of the OnPay team?

I am passionate and believe in the product and the company’s trajectory. I love that we have a leader like Jesse Burgess to inspire us. There’s no challenge that is too challenging or any topic is too difficult to tackle. I love “rabbit-holing” issues or concepts for the betterment of internal staff or clients.


Involved with all aspects of OnPay’s product offerings, Kelly trains staff on payroll concepts, creates internal training documentation, and provides the development team feedback for system improvements to enhance the client experience. A certified payroll professional (CPP), Kelly earned her bachelors from the University of Georgia – Terry College of Business.



University of Georgia – Terry College of Business



Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)




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