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Choose from tabs on the left to get a sneak peek at how OnPay works. It’s one, low monthly fee for everything you’ll see (and we also handle all your tax payments and filings).

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See everybody in one simple dashboard. With multiple user permission levels, you can maintain control or delegate some responsibilities to your team.

Select workers to pay

With unlimited monthly payruns, you can run things your way. Save time by paying W-2 and 1099 workers in the same run (by direct deposit, check, or debit card). Or, split things up by pay schedule or department.

Add hours — or sync them instantly

Import hours from your favorite time tracking software with one click ⁠— or enter them yourself. You can also add custom pay items like cash tips or a one-time bonus. It’s even a snap if you need to set up garnishments or other less common pay items.

Leave the math to us

We automate all of the calculations and tax filings for you so you can review and approve payroll quickly. We’ll have your back with our accuracy guarantee.

Success! Payroll is one less thing on your plate.

Our accounting integrations with QuickBooks or Xero sync each new pay run straight to your general ledger. Our average client spends less than an hour on payroll each month, and 98% of clients would recommend us.