Make it easy and affordable to pay remote workers

Whether you have just a few remote employees or a full telecommuting workforce, OnPay’s payroll and HR software simplifies things for everyone on your team.

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Pay employees anywhere in the US

Our award-winning software can pay employees and file taxes in all 50 states. You’ll be able to process payroll for all your remote workers in the same pay run, and we don’t charge any extra fees for each additional state. It’s the best service and the best value.


Onboard new hires ⁠— all online

Hiring workers just got easier. Send paperwork like offer letters and W-4s electronically for e-signature, and keep it all organized with built-in document audits and storage. We even take care of filing the new hire paperwork in every state where you have workers.


Leave the tax calculations to us

Pay all of your workers in the same pay run, regardless of location ⁠— and leave the calculations to us. We’ll automate all of the federal, state, and local taxes for every workers’ location, and with our accuracy guarantee you can relax knowing it’s done right.

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Let employees do more themselves

Remote employees can’t just pop into the HR team’s office. Our employee self-service lets your team pull their own pay stubs, request time off, and even update their own address or bank details. It’s all in the app, so remote employees can do things from anywhere.


It’s all included in our top-rated payroll software

OnPay gives you everything you need to get things right for on-site and remote workers at the same time. Pay the whole team in a few clicks, and keep it all organized with built-in HR tools. You’ll save time and keep everyone connected.


Loved by small businesses

“As a small business owner who works remotely, I love how easy it is to use OnPay. For three employees it takes me less than an hour a month to run payroll and review reports. I highly recommend OnPay for business owners.”

- Laura, The Cleaning Authority


Just $40 + $6 per worker each month

Transparent pricing, and no extra fees for paying remote workers.

  • Pay W-2 and 1099 workers at the same time
  • No extra fees for multi state payroll
  • Automated tax filings and payments included
  • Free setup and migration of employee data
  • Built-in HR and integrated benefits


Try the best payroll for remote workers

Your first month is free, and our team will even take care of all of the setup.

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Payroll for Remote Workers FAQs

  • What’s required to hire and pay remote employees?

    If you have employees in different cities and states, you’ll need to deal with different payroll tax filings and payroll tax rates. Each state also has its own requirements for reporting new hires. OnPay takes care of all these to-dos, but if you want a better sense of what goes into paying a remote team, here’s a more detailed overview.

  • How do payroll taxes work for an employee who works from home?

    Payroll taxes for each employee are based on where their work is performed. If you have any staff who work from home, that means they should be taxed based on the rates for their location. OnPay’s payroll software makes it easy by automating all of the federal, state, and local tax calculations based on an employee’s worksite address.

  • What tax filings are required if I have workers in another state?

    If you pay workers in multiple states, you are required to file and pay taxes in each state. OnPay will automate the tax filings and payments everywhere that you pay workers. Also, keep in mind that some cities also require employers and employees to pay payroll taxes. OnPay handles all of these payments for you. See more payroll software details.

  • How can I hire and onboard someone remotely?

    With the right software, onboarding a new hire virtually can be a breeze. Our app lets you send new hire paperwork and W-4s for e-signature, and it’s all stored securely in the cloud. You can even create custom onboarding workflows and assign tasks to workers to make sure a new hire has everything they need. See more HR features.

  • Can I pay all of my workers at the same time?

    Yes! Our payroll software lets you run things your way. You can pay your entire team in one pay run, or handle things separately for different worksites or types of workers.

  • How much does payroll for remote workers cost?

    With OnPay, everything you need is included for one monthly price of $40 + $6 per worker. There are no pricing tiers or extra fees for each state, and you’ll get unlimited pay runs each month. Together, our monthly billing and our single fee mean you’ll save 50% over other premium providers. See pricing.