The best payroll for prepaid debit cards

Take great care of your team by paying employees with prepaid debit card cards. OnPay gives you the flexibility to run payroll however you want, and it’s all included in one simple monthly price.

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Payday done your way

OnPay gives you the power to save time and money with payroll that does it all:

  • Unlimited monthly pay runs and schedules
  • Pay employees and contractors in minutes
  • Add funds directly to worker’s paycard, use direct deposit, or cut physical checks
  • Automated federal and state tax filings and payments
  • Mobile-friendly software so you can run payroll anywhere

Great for employees without a bank account

Make payday more accessible to your team, even if they don’t have a bank account. With a payroll card, workers can use their paycheck instantly, and they can avoid expensive check-cashing fees. It’s secure, fast, and won’t cost you anything extra.

Loved by small businesses. Respected by experts.

“OnPay makes payroll easy to run and manage. I love the direct deposit feature.”

Maggie Williams

Iron Edison Battery

Denver, CO

A top online payroll services for small business, according to PC Mag

Editors’ Choice

“It's an excellent choice for many small businesses—even those with advanced needs in both payroll and HR.”

Kathy Yakal, August 2020

5-Star Rated on Capterra
5-Star Rated on G2 Crowd
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$36 + $4 per worker each month

Clear, simple pricing with no additional fees.

Employees who enjoy using a small business payroll service
  • Pay workers by paycard at no extra cost
  • Choose direct deposit or physical checks if you prefer
  • Pay employees and contractors in the same pay run
  • Get our help with setup and data migration
  • Automated tax filings, payments, W-2s and 1099s
  • Employees self-onboard and e-sign important docs

Payroll Debit Card FAQs

  • How does a payroll debit card work?

    For employees who want to be paid by debit card, their paycheck funds load directly to a reloadable paycard. The card can be used to make purchases and payments just like a regular debit card. For you, it’s exactly the same as paying an employee by direct deposit.

  • How can an employee with a payroll card withdraw cash?

    Payroll cards can usually be used at ATMs, retailers, or online shops, just like a normal debit card. There may be withdrawal fees, depending on the type of card they choose and which ATM they use.

  • Why are payroll debit cards a smart option for employers to offer?

    Paycards are an accessible, flexible payment option for unbanked employees. They are a great alternative to direct deposit or check payments, which require the worker to have a bank account — or to pay 10% or more in check cashing fees. Offering payroll through debit cards saves employees time and expenses associated with check cashing services. It also reduces your administrative hassle of writing and tracking transactions through paper checks.

  • Are there any fees associated with paycheck cards?

    Reloadable cards are available from many financial institutions, typically for a few dollars a month. Employees will typically obtain their own card. There are often some small setup fees and charges associated with paycheck cards, but they are usually much cheaper than check-cashing fees for unbanked employees. And OnPay charges no fees to deposit payroll onto a debit card.

Try the best payroll + debit card solution

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  • Save time and money with OnPay.

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