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The most convenient mobile payroll software

OnPay’s cloud-based software makes payroll and HR easy from any location or device. You’ll get the flexibility to do things your way, and we’ll handle tax filings in any (or every) state for no extra cost.

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Fast, user-friendly payroll

We help you get more done, even when you’re on the go:

  • Automated tax filings and payments
  • Responsive interface (and everything’s in the cloud)
  • Helpful reminders when it’s time to run payroll
  • Deductions and taxes calculate automatically
  • Invite employees to self-onboard


Pay your team from anywhere

Whether you’re all thumbs or an ultimate tech whiz, our payroll app is simple enough for anyone to use. With ultra-fast loading speeds, you can run payroll from a computer, mobile phone, or tablet in minutes.


Get even more to-dos done

Our convenient app simplifies payroll and a lot more. Built-in HR tools make it easy to track and manage PTO, store important documents, and keep everything organized. And with integrated benefits and workers’ comp, you can take great care of everyone (and keep things compliant).


Loved by small businesses

“OnPay is very convenient. My favorite thing is the accessibility via mobile and how user-friendly it is.”

- John, Brick Built LLC


One simple monthly price: $36 + $4 per person

No pricing tiers or hidden fees. Everything’s included.

  • Unlimited pay runs and schedules
  • Pay by direct deposit, check, or debit card
  • Multi-state payroll for no extra cost
  • Full suite of HR tools included
  • Free setup and data migration


Try the best mobile payroll

You can leave all the hard stuff to us . We’ll get you set up and your first month is free.

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Mobile Payroll Service FAQs

  • What are the advantages of a cloud-based payroll service?

    With OnPay’s cloud-based payroll, you don’t have to worry about being tied to your computer when it’s time to process a pay run. You can do everything on the go, which gives you more time to focus on what you do best ⁠— and keeps payday on time.

  • Does OnPay have a mobile app?

    Our software is completely mobile responsive, so no app is required! You can log in to OnPay from a browser on any device ⁠— including your cell phone or tablet — without giving up key functionality. All you need is one bar of reception to run payroll.

  • How much does the mobile payroll feature cost?

    There are no fees or pricing tiers to access OnPay remotely. You pay one simple monthly price for everything OnPay can do: just $36 + $4 per worker.