The best payroll integration for Guideline

Offer an easy, affordable 401(k) plan without lifting a finger. OnPay’s payroll and HR software integrates with Guideline to deliver a seamless 401(k) experience. We automate all the calculations for deductions, tax filings and payments.

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PAYROLL + 401(K)

Keep your payroll and 401(k) in sync, automatically

OnPay’s integration with Guideline takes the manual calculations out of your day-to-day. With automated plan administration, you can leave the calculations and withholdings to us. Guideline will handle the compliance testing, reporting, and investment management. Plans start at just $39 per month + $4 per active participant.


Simple, full-service 401(k)

With Guideline, you can provide an impactful work benefit while minimizing paperwork and fees. Guideline takes care of the heavy lifting to help you set up the right 401(k) plan, administer it, and stay compliant.


Save money while saving money

With Guideline’s transparent monthly pricing, employers like you know exactly what you pay each month. Plans start at just $39 per month plus $4 per active participant. Participants pay an annual account fee starting at 0.15%* and get access to low-cost funds across diverse asset classes.


Cover everything on your to-do list

Manage HR with ease

Save time and maintain compliance with OnPay's built-in HR. New employees can self-onboard, and we'll keep track of PTO, store your HR files, and handle new hire reporting.

Sync all of your data in one place

Keep your books balanced with our best-in-class integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and time tracking software. All of your data will be sync automatically each time you run payroll.

Offer more employee perks

OnPay is a licensed insurance broker in all 50 states. We offer integrated health insurance and pay-as-you-go workers’ comp so you can safeguard your team and your business.

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Loved by small businesses

“OnPay was easy to set up and even easier to use. I can process payroll in minutes, and the automated 401(k) processing is a big time saver.”


– Coulomb Solutions Inc.


$40 + $6 per active employee

It’s one simple monthly price for everything.

  • Unlimited monthly pay runs
  • No integration fee for Guideline 401(k)
  • Process payroll anywhere, on any schedule
  • Free migration of employee and wage data
  • Expert support by phone, chat, and email

This information is general in nature and is for informational purposes only. It should not be construed as investment advice. Consult a qualified financial adviser.


* An assumed annual account fee of 0.15% is applied to assets under management and is deducted on a monthly basis. It’s calculated at 1/12 of the annual stated rate (0.15%) based on the account balance on the last day of each month. Alternative account fee pricing is available, ranging from .15% to 0.35%. Contact Sales at hello@guideline.com to learn more about exclusive pricing options available in Enterprise tier. See our Form ADV 2A Brochure for more information regarding fees.


At the time of this endorsement, OnPay (the “Solicitor”) is not a client of Guideline. Guideline pays a fee for each 401(k) & SEP IRA client referred by the Solicitor, as outlined in Guideline’s written solicitation arrangement with the Solicitor. Additional disclosures will be provided to you by Guideline prior to opening an account with Guideline.


Get started with OnPay

  1. Set up your accounts in minutes
  2. Add your employee data (or we’ll do it for free)
  3. Run payroll — we’ll handle your taxes and forms
  4. Launch a Guideline 401(k) and we’ll automate your deductions

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