The best payroll integration for Deputy

Spend more time focusing on what’s most important by adding employees’ time to top-rated payroll software in one click. OnPay runs payroll fast and automates all your tax filings and payments.




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Save time and simplify your payroll process

Syncing Deputy to OnPay takes a lot of work off your team’s shoulders. Your timesheets and employee attendance data are automatically imported into our top-rated payroll software. Then you can run payroll and manage employee records in one place. We handle all the tax filings with an accuracy guarantee, and you can run payroll as many times as you’d like for one monthly fee.


Employee scheduling software with smarts

From AI-powered auto-scheduling and labor forecasts to tracking time and attendance, Deputy gives small businesses the control to simplify their workday. Cut down on wage costs, fill or swap employee shifts, and schedule your team from anywhere. OnPay and Deputy work together to keep it all at your fingertips.


Avoid errors (and manual data entry)

Our Deputy integration eliminates the need for manual data and calculations. Once timesheets are in OnPay, PTO, vacation time, and overtime hours are accrued and tracked automatically. You can even customize payroll reports to get a closer look at all the employment costs that impact your bottom line.


Cover all your responsibilities

Offer workers’ comp + benefits

OnPay is a licensed health insurance broker in all 50 states. We also make it easy to add pay-as-you-go workers’ comp or a 401(k) plan ⁠— and it all syncs straight to your payroll.

Grow your team efficiently

Get new hires in the door and up to speed fast with self-service onboarding and new hire paperwork. Your offer letters, I-9s and W-4s will all get signed and stored automatically — and you’ll never need to enter employee info.

Built-in HR

From tracking PTO to org charts to automated HR workflows, we give you the flexibility and control you need to save time, stay compliant, and focus on things that matter.

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Loved by small businesses

“OnPay takes the complexity out of payroll tracking and processing, and it allows us to focus on our core business. We don’t spend time tracking hours and compiling documents for tax purposes. We are very happy with the service. ”


– Syntégra


Connect your accounts with ease

Our Deputy integration can be set up in just a few minutes (and our payroll experts are always happy to help).

  • Sign up for Deputy and OnPay
    You will need to have accounts with Deputy and OnPay before you activate our integration.
  • Sync your accounts
    Once you’re signed in to OnPay, follow our simple instructions for syncing payroll with Deputy.
  • Save a bunch of time
    You’re all set! Time and attendance data will synchronize in OnPay, so you can run payroll in minutes.


$40 + $6 per active employee

One simple monthly price for everything. No hidden fees.

  • No integration fee for Deputy
  • No extra fees for direct deposit, and W-2 or 1099 forms
  • Award-winning customer support by phone, chat, and email
  • Free migration of prior wages and employee data – accuracy guaranteed
  • Unlimited monthly pay runs and automated tax filings


It’s easy to get started

Try OnPay out yourself to see how easy payroll and HR can be. To get started, just share a few basic details about your business. Our team of pros will set everything up and import your employees’ information for you.

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