Seamless payroll & HR software for law firms

Time is money in a fast-paced law office, and keeping up with back-office tasks like payroll and HR can be time consuming. That’s why our full-service software does all the heavy lifting for you by automating payroll, tax filings, and even helping with HR. Plus, our pricing is simple: $40 per month plus $6 per worker.

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You focus on billable hours, we’ll focus on payroll

We understand that between the piles of paperwork and court proceedings, the last thing you need to worry about is payroll and HR. OnPay gives you everything you need to pay your staff, minimize manual calculations, and run your firm with ease. From secure document storage to flexible permissions, we make streamlining day-to-day operations simple so you can spend more time focusing on what truly matters – managing your practice and serving your clients.

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Make pay day a breeze for busy law firms

  • Automated tax filings and payments – backed by our accuracy guarantee
  • Unlimited monthly pay runs and flexible pay schedules
  • Free account setup and data migration
  • 6 levels of permissions to delegate payroll duties to your team
  • Seamless integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and time tracking software


Payroll software for law firms that checks all the boxes

Employee self-service

Empower new hires to handle their own onboarding. With lifetime self-service accounts, they can set up their direct deposit, pull pay stubs, and even update personal details from the app.

Team management tools

Stay updated and boost your firm’s productivity. OnPay’s built-in HR makes it easy to delegate and assign tasks to your staff so you can stay on track and get more done – together.

Integrated coverage

Protect your team by offering benefits like 401(k), health insurance, and workers’ comp. We’ll take care of all the manual calculations and deductions for you when you set up a plan.

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Loved by law firms

“OnPay has helped to streamline the payroll process for our small law office. We can easily run payroll for direct deposit in a matter of minutes and OnPay handles our 940/941 filings for us. This used to take time away from our practice to deal with our tax filings and payroll manually.”


– Bruce J Sperry, PA


$40 + $6 per person

Get the best payroll service for one low monthly price – and no hidden fees.

  • Multi-state payroll for no extra cost
  • Award-winning support by phone, chat, and email
  • Top notch benefits in all 50 states
  • Best-in-class payroll report designer
  • Pay W-2 and 1099 workers


Try the best payroll for law firms

It’s easy to get started. We’ll even handle your setup and data migration from day one.

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Frequently asked questions for legal professionals and law firms

  • How much does it cost for me to run payroll for my law practice?

    It’s a single monthly fee of $40, plus $6 per worker for everything OnPay does. No pricing tiers, no sneaky add-ons.

  • Does OnPay handle new hire reporting for me?

    Great question! When you hire new workers, OnPay reports new hires on your behalf to all fifty states, plus DC. New hire reporting is typically completed on Fridays at the close of business.

  • What if I have a combination of W-2 and 1099 workers I need to pay?

    Paying your team doesn’t need to be complicated — no matter who’s involved. Small businesses are hiring a bigger mix of in-house employees and contract workers these days, so we’ll let you process all the workers you need to pay in the same pay run. We also handle the W-2 forms and 1099 filings at the end of the year. And if a worker goes a month without being paid through OnPay, you won’t be charged for them.

  • How long does it take to set up an account and start running payroll?

    You can get set up super fast – we’ll just need some basic details so our team can help assist you with your setup.  And our in-house payroll experts will do all the heavy lifting — from setting up your dashboard to adding your clients and their employees. We’ll even enter any prior wages to make it easy to switch. And can have you up and running in a matter of days.

  • Are you able to integrate with the time tracking software my start-up uses?

    There’s a very good chance we work seamlessly with the time tracking software you use and currently can connect to QuickBooks Time, When I Work and Deputy. Here’s more information on the integrations we offer.