Make sure everyone in the company knows who’s who

Introductions have never been easier with visual org charts that keep your team connected. OnPay makes it simple to create a clear picture of employee hierarchy, while giving you the flexibility to run payroll however you want – for one monthly price.

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View all employee profiles in one place

OnPay’s payroll and HR software gives your business the visibility to stay informed on incoming new hires and company role changes. Easily organize employees by department, location, or team to create a visual org chart – available to everyone.


Let your team make changes in seconds

Employees have the option to add their personal contact information, a profile picture, and even fun facts about themselves. This allows your team to learn more about each other and where they fit within the organization. Any changes made in employee profiles automatically reflect in OnPay, so you don’t have to lift a finger to make updates.

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It all comes with top-rated payroll and HR

You’ll be able to keep your company contacts in order and searchable for the entire team. OnPay gives you the tools you need to make paying and managing your team a breeze. Plus, with full-service payroll, built-in HR, and integrated benefits, it’ll be easier for you to streamline your back office and stay organized.


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Loved by small businesses

“OnPay is really simple and easy to use. I don’t have an HR or payroll team, it’s just me. And OnPay makes running payroll a cinch. It takes only a couple of minutes and I get to spend more time focusing on my business.”


– Brittany, B Michael Consulting, LLC


It’s just $40 + $6 per worker

You get everything for one clear price. No pricing tiers or hidden fees.

  • Automated tax filings, payments, W-2s, and 1099s
  • Pay workers by direct deposit, debit card, or check
  • We’ll handle the setup and data migration (for no extra cost)
  • Protect your team with top-notch benefits that sync directly to payroll
  • Let employees can self-onboard and do more on their own


Easy org charts plus the best payroll + HR for business owners

It’s easy to get started, and our team of pros will set everything up for you.

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Org chart FAQs

  • What is organization chart software?

    Organization chart software makes it easy to create a digital layout of your company’s structure, including relationships between departments, who works where, who reports to whom, and employee titles. The end result is a chart that allows employees, new and old, to see the entire organization at a glance.

  • Why are org charts important?

    It helps employees understand who the stakeholders are, each department’s responsibilities, and most org charts allow employees to update their information when they choose. This type of data visualization helps team members keep profiles up-to-date, meet new hires, and get better visibility across an entire organization. This saves time for everyone in an organization because employees can access the information without having to reach out to the company owner or human resources team.

  • Why use software to create organizational charts?

    It is a straightforward way to create an easy-to-understand visual structure that all employees can use to learn about their coworkers and company hierarchy at any time of day or night. It also allows businesses to keep this task in-house, avoid working with outside vendors, and reduce busywork because most org chart tools are designed to sync changes across an organization.

  • Who has access to org charts with OnPay?

    All employees have access to organizational charts inside OnPay, so they can see who’s who and find out more about the colleagues they work with. Employees can also update their profiles via a self-service portal, and because changes are synced company-wide, employers save time on administrative to-dos.

  • How much does it cost for me to run payroll with OnPay?

    It’s a single monthly fee of $40, plus $6 per worker each for everything OnPay does. No pricing tiers, no sneaky add-ons. Plus your first month is free! This low monthly rate includes our top-rated payroll and flexible HR tools.