Health Insurance for Any Small Business

An apple a day… just in case, protect your employees by offering a customized benefits plan.

Simplify payroll for just $36 + $4/person monthly. Our payroll service automates the math, tax filings and paychecks, you do what you do best. Error-free guarantee.
  • Give employees their favorite benefit

  • Work with licensed insurance brokers
  • Offer medical, dental and vision
  • Save time with integrated payroll
  • Find plans at every price point — you won’t find lower prices anywhere

Set the budget, and we’ll set you up

Super Simple

Just answer a few questions, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. You’ll get to choose plans from top insurers (and avoid doing an employee census).

Automated Admin

Combine payroll and benefits to make administration easy. Every time an employee’s status is updated, we’ll handle all the changes and make sure you stay compliant.

30 years of Experience

Rely on us to do things right. We're licensed in all 50 states, and we've helped thousands of small businesses care for their employees.

Already got a good plan?

It’s about to get even better. In just a few minutes you can make us your broker of record. You’ll keep the plan you love, and make benefits administration a lot easier. Email us to learn more:

Adding health insurance is easy

  1. Set up your payroll account in minutes
  2. Add your employees (or ask us to do it)
  3. Talk to one of our licensed brokers about your options
  4. Run payroll and get ready for open enrollment
  • Try us. Your first month is free.
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