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Take compliance training from boring to brilliant.

Benefits and Compliance
Special Offer


Traliant is the leading online compliance training provider, revolutionizing the industry by transforming training from boring to brilliant. Traliant delivers immersive learning experiences that promote ethical decision-making, drive appropriate behaviors, mitigate risk, and embed compliance into the culture of your organization.


Training from Traliant helps your team:

  • Feel comfortable bringing their best selves to work.
  • Speak up when they witness inappropriate behaviors.
  • Fully understand the behavioral and ethical expectations of your organization.
  • Understand the importance of a physically and psychologically safe workplace.


Starting at $27/learner per year


Courses and learning suites range from $27 to $30 per learner for one year. By offering courses in our self-service platform, OnPay customers do not need to have an LMS but will have all the assignment and reporting tools needed for a budget-friendly compliance training solution.

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Special offer: OnPay clients save by using our online self-service platform that allows them to assign courses and track learner progress without the cost of an LMS.


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