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HR for small businesses

Everything you need to know about staying compliant and creating a great workplace.


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    To make sure you get the best, most accurate information, all our content is written and reviewed by experts who really know their stuff when it comes to small business payroll, HR, and compliance.

    Take care of your humans, we’ll give you the resources

    Your employees make your business go, so it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of them. From recruiting and onboarding to company culture and exit interviews, handling HR well can help keep everyone happier and working harder — and it can help you avoid headaches and fines down the road.


    But, since HR is also complex and constantly evolving, we’ve put together this series of HR guides for small business owners. We’ll carefully walk you through a variety of human resources topics, tips, policies, and procedures with clear examples and wisdom from small business owners like you.

    HR guides, articles and more

    Did you know that by the time a business has 50 employees, there’s a good chance it has a dedicated in-house HR manager? Until your business reaches that point, HR responsibilities usually fall on an employee or owner who also has other job duties. Staying compliant takes the average small business about 18 hours a month, so it can be quite a distraction.


    But, for those who don’t yet have a pro on the team (or could use a little extra help staying up-to-date on changes to employment laws and regulations), we’ve got insights and guidance on hiring, onboarding, PTO tracking, required training, and building company culture — so you can focus on your people and growing your business.

    Putting HR tools to work

    Only 27% of companies use small businesses HR software, which can be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating offer letters, streamlining onboarding, creating org charts, and more. Your people are the key to your success, so why not make it easier for them (and you) to do things like getting compliance documents e-signed or checking PTO balances? Having the right tools can make it all a lot easier.


    Here’s what you should look for:

    • Employee offer letters and self-onboarding
    • PTO approvals and tracking
    • HR templates, e-signing, and resources
    • Org charts and a company roster
    • In-app messaging and document storage
    • HR compliance auditing
    • HR resource library and document templates
    • Performance management
    • Applicant tracking
    • Time tracking
    • Employee feedback

    State-by-state rules and requirements for employers

    Harassment trainingWorkers’ comp

    State-by-state rules and requirements for employers

    Select your state from the drop-down menu to see harassment training requirements.

    Select your state from the drop-down menu to see workers’ compensation requirements.

    Everything you need to know to manage HR

    If you’re taking care of HR yourself — like 41% of small business owners — we’ve got the answers you need to get human resources right, save time, and stay compliant. And we’ll always be here in case you ever need a helping hand.


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