Simplify startup payroll, HR, and a whole lot more

OnPay has partnered with LvlUp Ventures to give small business startups payroll, HR, and benefits software that simplifies all of your to-dos. You’ll get everything you need to save time, save money, and take great care of your team as you grow.

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Exclusive savings for the LvlUp Ventures network

As a LvlUp client, you’re eligible for an exclusive offer of three months free when you sign up for OnPay. With dedicated onboarding support, we’ll also help you set everything up ⁠at no cost.


Hire and pay with confidence

Invite workers to self-onboard and e-sign new hire paperwork. When it’s time to run payroll, OnPay automates tax filings and payments for startups of all business structures, plus integrates with your favorite accounting software. As you add new employees, we’ll even take care of new hire reporting.

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Streamline your to-do list

Boost organization

Built-in HR tools like PTO tracking and a secure document vault help you stay organized. And with customizable reporting, always keep your bottom line in clear view.

Stay compliant

OnPay’s personnel checklists give you the control to audit employee records and keep HR paperwork up-to-date. You can also add pay-as-you-go workers’ comp to keep everyone protected.

Take care of the team

We make it simple to offer the benefits top startup talent expects. Our licensed brokers can help you find the perfect health and 401(k) benefits in all 50 states.


Loved by startups and entrepreneurs

“It’s easy to use and a time saver ⁠— which is needed when you are a startup. I don’t need help from a payroll person anymore, so it cuts down on phone calls and emails. I just log in, click, click, click, and payroll is done.”

– ThirdSpace Inc.


Clear, transparent pricing

It’s just $40 base + $6/worker per month. No hidden fees or surprises, ever.

  • Unlimited pay runs and schedules
  • All payroll tax filings (including W-2s and 1099s)
  • Built-in PTO, onboarding, and HR tools
  • Powerful accounting and time tracking integrations
  • Integrated health benefits and workers’ comp


Try top-rated payroll and HR

Try OnPay out yourself to see how easy payroll and HR can be. Our team will do all the work to set you up.

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