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What is PayrollOrg (PAYO)?

Updated: May 28, 2024

PayrollOrg (PAYO) definition and meaning

On May 2, 2023 the American Payroll Association and the Global Payroll Management Institute merged to become PayrollOrg (PAYO). The organization provides education and advocacy for payroll professionals in the United States.


More about PAYO and its purpose

Individuals who join PAYO get access to a range of educational resources, including ebooks and webinars, as well as conferences and seminars. PAYO members can also earn multiple certification credentials, network with other certified payroll professionals, and access exclusive new career opportunities.


More about PAYO and what it offers

Founded in 1982, the PAYO headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas and was originally the American Payroll Association (APA). In addition to offering payroll curriculums and certifications to its members, the APA also publishes “PayTech,” a monthly magazine that reports industry trends and best practices, as well as new and pending legislation concerning payroll. Moreover, the expertise gained through PAYO is likely to be put into practice as professionals get to know the different payroll systems that companies use to pay employees and stay compliant with state and federal tax withholdings.


Using PAYO in a sentence

“I joined my local PAYO chapter immediately after opening my bookkeeping business because it provides so many opportunities to network with experienced payroll professionals.”

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