Employee Payroll, Meet Employer Bliss

We make it simple to pay employees, automate taxes, and offer great benefits.

Simplify payroll for just $36 + $4/person monthly. Our payroll service automates the math, tax filings and paychecks, you do what you do best. Error-free guarantee.
  • Easy, fast payroll

  • Pay employees, wherever you are
  • Automate all the tough stuff
  • Get expert phone support if you need it
  • Offer great benefits

Employee benefits + payroll

We’re proud of our payroll software, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. We can also help you take care of the things you have to do (Workers’ Comp), and the things you really ought to do, like offering health insurance. We’re licensed in 50 states, and it’s all seamlessly integrated.

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  • Keep your eyes on the prize

  • Taxes are filed and paid automatically
  • New employees can onboard themselves
  • We guarantee your taxes are error-free
  • Top accounting software integrates seamlessly

A 401(k) employees deserve

Most employees aren’t on a good path for retirement, but now you can give them a leg up. We offer low-fee 401(k) plans that help everyone save more. We’ll handle the compliance, deductions, and investment portfolios so you and your employees can focus on the future.

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Why Employees Love OnPay, Too

Employee Portal

When they need a W-2 or a pay stub, employees can take action into their own hands. It’s faster for them and easier for you. They can also update their personal information.

Payday Their Way

We let you pay your team via direct deposit or debit cards. Or you can print out checks and deliver them yourself. You choose what works best for everyone.

Pay Stubs by Email

When will payroll hit their accounts? With our email alerts, your employees will always be in the know (and you’ll have fewer questions to answer).


Skip paperwork and manual data entry by asking new employees to enter their own information. It helps them get up to speed and saves you time.

PTO Tracking

Give employees full transparency around vacation days and sick leave. Each pay period, they’ll see just how much paid time off they’ve accrued.

Access to Documents

Use our document vault to make it easy for employees to find their employee handbooks, performance reviews, and anything else they need to reference.

Paying employees is easy

  1. Set up your account in minutes
  2. Add your employees (or we will do it for free)
  3. Add benefits if you want to
  4. Run payroll and we'll do the rest
  • Try us. Your first month is free.
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