OnPay + Guideline

Offer an easy, affordable 401(k) without lifting a finger.

  • It’s Simple to Sync Payroll and Your 401(k)

  • We withhold 401(k) deductions automatically

  • Employees are onboarded for you

  • Guideline handles all the compliance, reporting, and investments

  • Affordable pricing starts at $8/mo per participant + $39/mo base.

Say Hello to a Full Service 401(k)

Offer great retirement benefits without taking on any extra work. Guideline does all the heavy lifting to help you set up the right 401(k) plan, administer it, and stay compliant.

Help Everyone Save More

Guideline’s straightforward monthly pricing keeps costs in check for your business. Employees save because Guideline charges no investment fees. And low-cost index funds from Vanguard (and other leading providers) give you and your team smart investment choices.

Get started with OnPay

  1. Set up your accounts in minutes
  2. Add your employee data (or we’ll do it for free)
  3. Run payroll — we’ll handle your taxes and forms
  4. Launch a Guideline 401(k) and we'll automate your deductions
  • Try us. Your first month is free.
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