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Special offer: OnPay clients receive 10% off for the first year.


MainStreet specializes in helping businesses identify and claim eligible tax credits. Our team of experts with decades of tax experience along with our cutting-edge AI technology is your ticket to effortless savings.


Confirming your estimate takes less than 10 minutes of your time, then MainStreet does the heavy lifting to prepare your forms.


All MainStreet customers receive the “MainStreet Guarantee,” which is a $1 million audit guarantee in the event you face any accountant fees, penalties, or interest paid to the government due to a MainStreet error.


OnPay exclusive savings: MainStreet charges 18% of the total tax credit amount in the first year for OnPay clients.


For subsequent years, MainStreet charges 20% of the total tax credit amount.


You only pay when the completed forms are in your hands. If your business does not qualify for any tax credits, you owe nothing.


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